News – Nov. 16th 2013


I figure some kind of update here is due as more information is spreading about the project. Some bad business to attend to first.

The collaboration with the label “Brotherhood of Light” has ended. Due to serious unprofessional/unstable behavior with this individual it has become necessary to several all ties there and focus my attention elsewhere. In the event that he actually releases the “March of the Ashen Husk” compilation (which I suspect that he will not) if it does contain Ilsa Koch material it should be considered a bootleg/unauthorized recording.

A promotional tape/CD-r ep has been released with the title “Hard Boiled” which contains music made for the BOTL release and another compilation started by a label that also feel apart due to mass disorganization there. The insert is handmade out of old discarded metal distro related refuse material and random old books I purchased for a dollar at a flea market in Iowa. There is no limitation for this as they are made on demand.

Sample track “Hard Boiled”
Sample track “Life is a Bowl of Cherries and this is Just the Pits”

The album “Be Sure to Gut the Jester on his Pulpit Before Someone takes him Serioulsy” will be released next year sometime as a pro tape and pro CD on my own label. There will also be an EP made for the label Mein Kampf Recordings next year too. A pro CD of the Noise/Debut album “Piotr Bysiek/Death Dealers Association is a Jew who can Die in Aids!” will also be released next year with the same title. In the future a bandcamp or soundcloud page will also be made for the project however I am very busy with my label so that will have to wait.